Terms & Conditions


There is no charge for a quote.


All orders received by VECTRIS must be in writing and are considered FINAL upon reception.  The client may not cancel nor refuse the delivery of an order.  When the order is placed, VECTRIS reserves the right to accept, reject or express reservation of order.  A receipt of purchase order does not constitute that the order is accepted by Vectris.  Orders will contain a unit price (not including tax) for each product, the quantity, the tax amount (VAT) and the shipping cost with delivery address.  Each delivery, even partial, may have its own invoice.

Urgent Requests

All urgent requests will be considered, subject to availability.


From the moment the delivery is refused even though VECTRIS has not committed any error in packing or shipping, the shipping costs will not be reimbursed if a credit note is issued.  If the addressee is absent, transportation costs may be invoiced a second time for redelivery.

Our shipping costs include the costs of packing and handling as well as actual shipping.  The client accepts to pay the shipping costs of products as indicated on the invoice.

If shipped on the client’s account, the client is responsible for any damage or risks taken during transport.  Any possible claims or reserves must be made with the transporter, at time of delivery and by certified letter within the 72 hours of delivery.

All orders placed will be considered sold, received and accepted by our company.  Within the 5 days following the availability of the product, we expect our client to take possession either by picking up or being delivered.

Lead Time

In-stock spare parts ordered before 3 pm (weekdays) will ship that day by 5 pm although this does not constitute a binding agreement made by VECTRIS.  In the event that same-day delivery could not be made, VECTRIS will do its best to alert the client and communicate the details of a new delivery time.


The warranty of equipment will vary from one to six months.  The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the material nor the non-conform usage of the material other than specified by the manufacturer, not even the return of the goods.  The warranty will automatically end in the case of a third-party intervention on the material, the deterioration of the warranty seal as well as any default of payment.

Special Conditions

Special conditions can be considered in function of the potential volume of business and the needs of the client: advance replacement, extension of warranty, repair time, specific shipping conditions (pick-up, delivery), payment terms, etc.


Notwithstanding the transfer of risk, title of merchandise shall not pass to the client until it is paid in full (including taxes).  Upon the order of a product, it is implied, on the part of the buyer, the unconditional acceptance of this present clause of title.  The client engages to immediately alert us to any seizure that could made by a third party and to communicate by certified letter the name of the third party.  Any third party seizures may only take place when the title of the merchandise has passed to the buyer.

VECTRIS also reserves the right to repossess merchandise without prior notice.  The buyer must authorize us to enter the premises and shall assume the cost of removal of our merchandise.


All disputes relative to the interpretation, execution or ending of a contract will be submitted to French law.

The only recognized and accepted jurisdiction on both sides is that of the Tribunal de Commerce de Versailles.

Terms and Conditions of Payment

1.Term and Date of Payment

The payment due date is stated on the invoice, Payment due date is based on date of invoice.
Unless otherwise written between Vectris and the buyer, the payment of our invoices will take place before delivery


No discount will be given for an anticipated or immediate payment.

3.Late or Default of Payment

If there are any outstanding invoices, any payment from the buyer, whatever invoice it is meant to pay, will be processed against any purchase in which equipment has already been used or resold by the buyer.

If an invoice arrives at the end of its term and is not paid in full or partially paid by the date indicated on the invoice, loss of terms intercedes automatically and the seller will request its right to late penalties starting from the date of term on the invoice and until the day that payment has been made, at the current interest rate plus 10 points.