Vectris : The Company

1999 Core Business:  Sale of Bull and IBM Unix equipment.  Partners with France Telecom and EDF.

2000 Added printing solutions to business portfolio.  Moved the company to 14 rue Fresnel in order to expand warehouse capacity.

2001 Vectris strengthens its international activity.

2002Partners with the Thales Group in supplying banking equipment.

2003 Investment in Logistics: Development of a warehouse management software solution and acquisition of rotating shelving cabinets for computer-assisted order processing.

2004 Sales development of line matrix printers.

2005 Partnerships with manufacturers for the acquisition of equipment packages.  Expanding the range of Unix and Intel servers offered.

2006 Reinforces the sales team.  Creation of company website.  Setup of in-house repairs

2007 Creation of an online inventory

2008 Warehouse surface is doubled

2009 Vectris celebrates 10 years in business.  Offers a wide-range of thermal printers.

2011Vectris strengthens its international presence: 45% of revenue is made up of exports.

2013 Realization of a new website

2014 Vectris celebrates 15 Years in Business

Vectris, a major supplier of replacement IT equipment.

Vectris supplies parts for Unix and Intel servers, mid to high speed impact and matrix printing systems, storage and archiving systems, banking devices and other related peripherals.

Vectris supplies over 950 clients, who trust us to fulfill all their needs for replacement parts.  Conditions dictate the management of just-in-time production.  Maintenance companies thus have a high demand for multiple brand equipment.  It’s for this reason that Vectris has continually developed the sale of new technologies which have been tested and validated by its technical team.  This equipment is then refurbished into complete systems or into spare parts.

Vectris manages an inventory of over 170,000 parts.  This is the strength of our business which allows us to react immediately in shipping out products.

To better address the needs of our clients, Vectris relies on industry tools (such as computer-operated rotating shelving systems) in preparing and handling orders in our warehouse.  An experienced technical sales team is available to answer your needs.

Renewing the value of your IT together

Vectris renews the value of your IT by collecting and buying your IT equipment.  In fact, our company accompanies you throughout the stages of auditing, logistics, recycling or disposal of your equipment.

Vectris has supplied secondhand IT replacement parts since 1999 and has always been concerned about diminishing waste by sorting and reusing parts to give them a second life.

Estimating the Value

A purchase offer of your equipment will be based on a detailed asset list provided by you.


Upon your request, Vectris can arrange for the packing and shipping of your equipment.


Upon reception, we test the equipment and give you a full audit report, complete with reference numbers, serial numbers and test results.


Let us be accountable for the regulatory compliance of recycling.

At your request, we provide all necessary written proof of destruction in accordance with the current European WEEE regulations.

Contact us for the removal of your IT equipment by email at or by telephone at +33 1 30 05 04 40